Weekend Camping Trip

August 18, 2008

Here are a few pics from this weekend’s camping trip.  We had a lot of fun and actually caught some fish for a change.  Well… some of us did anyway… catch fish I mean.  As usual with camping we were filthy when we got home.  Dillan and I were amazed at how yucky his bath water looked after he got out.  Eew!  It was nice to go and relax and do something fun before the kids go back to school on Wednesday.  Especially since they keep saying “we haven’t done anything all summer”.  I look at them like they’re crazy and wonder where all the time went since we don’t seem to have stopped for a breath all summer!


One Response to “Weekend Camping Trip”

  1. Bridgett Says:

    Taci! Your blog is great! It is fun to see what things you guys have been up to. My kids were like…we know those kids but who are they again? So, this will be good to keep them updated and informed. Can’t wait to see what else you crazy people do….

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