The beginning of the end…of summer…mmm…

August 21, 2008

The girls went back to school today.  It’s the big sign that summer is coming to a close.  I have to admit I actually like that.  I love summer, but it gets so hectic and crazy.  I’ve often wondered what the heck someone meant when they made up the “lazy days of summer” phrase! 

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year.  The real heat is gone, but it’s still nice enough to enjoy being outside.  The fall colors are awesome.  If any of you have seen my house it’s full of browns, orange, a little red, and sage green.  I am just a fall person.  Dave just gets depressed that summer is almost over, but I always look forward to the change of seasons. 

The kids had a good 1st day at school and feel their teachers are going to be awesome.  I wish this excitement and ease in getting them up would last longer than a couple of days.  Pretty soon it will be dragging them out of bed and nagging about getting their homework done.  Sigh…I always liked school and even enjoyed getting my homework done.  I know I’m weird!


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