Dillan loves Star Wars like crazy!  He is always wanting to watch the movies, play lightsabers, and is always humming all the theme music – so funny!  For his 5th Birthday we decided to make it a Star Wars theme.  He had a Star Wars “hot lava” cake (he called it) which he picked out from some ideas on the internet.  All his presents from Mom and Dad were Star Wars toys.  He got some figures and a really cool Galactic Heroes Millenium Falcon which he has played with non-stop since he got it.  He got a lot of fun stuff and it seemed more like Christmas he was so spoiled!  Mom and Dad just can’t believe he’s 5!

(And yeah… I cut Anakin’s head off in the picture and ObiWan is sinking into the chocolate cake… like Hayley said when I didn’t have the right food coloring, and frosting and was stressing about it… it doesn’t have to be perfect mom.  I wish I could remember that more often!)



October 4, 2008

Ok, Anna tagged me

Step 1: Go to your picture file.
Step 2: Open the 4th file.
Step 3: Now Open the 4th picture and post it!
Step 4: Tag 4 people to do the same 😉

Here’s my picture – funny that Anna’s daughter Kortnee would be in it since she tagged me!  This is from our 4th of July at Nate and Anna’s house.  My kids still talk about the fun day of slip n slide and water fights!

Now I tag Cozette (email it to me or post on Facebook), Amanda, Bridgett, and Katie!