October 14, 2008

Hayley went in to the orthodontist on Monday morning on got braces on her top front 4 teeth.  She had to have them because there isn’t enough room for the rest of her permanent teeth to come in, so we gotta move ’em closer together.  I think she expected for it to be an awful experience, but decided it wasn’t as terrible as she imagined.  The orthodontist also said somewhere down the road if her teeth still don’t have enough room to come in he may have to make some more by pulling some teeth!  Who woulda thought the kid had a small mouth?  So we hope she’ll grow into the big mouth we all thought she was ’cause it doesn’t sound fun to pull those teeth!


One Response to “Braces”

  1. Bridgett Says:

    The braces look GREAT! She is so pretty! I hope this helps and they don’t have to pull teeth. That NEVER sounds fun. Are you guys going to hit the carnival this year at Central? We will be there so we hope to see you too!

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