Stoddard Family Halloween Feast

October 26, 2008

Several years ago Dave’s mom (and I think with some help from sister Lecia) started a tradition of the Halloween feast.  It was a huge hit and something we all looked forward to each year.  Vicky and I decided that even though Mom wasn’t with us anymore we were going to carry on the tradition.  We had it at my house this year and had lots of fun food.  That’s one of the big things is to have scary or gross food on the table.  Like – mummy dogs, monster meat burgers, bat eyes (olives), frog eggs (grapes), swamp weeds (salad) with goblin goo (ranch dressing with green food coloring)… anyway you get the picture.  Some years Grandma did an activity or craft and some years we carved pumpkins.  This year the kids just played and enjoyed the nice weather outside.  Then they dressed up for pictures and we visited Great Grandma and Grandpa Stoddard.  This was another part of the tradition to visit some of the great grandparents before Halloween so we all didn’t have so many places to go on Halloween.


3 Responses to “Stoddard Family Halloween Feast”

  1. Devin Willis Says:

    Happy Family Halloween Feast ! We enjoy your blog and wish you the best

    The Willis Family

  2. Bridgett Says:

    FUN!! I am glad that you kept the tradition this year…It is such a great thing for your kids. We sure miss Lana. Have a fun Halloween…I think we are going trick or treating to the Homestead to see Ila. Maybe we will bump into you there….

  3. Tanyss Says:

    What a fun idea, and so great to carry it on. What a tribute to your Mom-in-law! I love peeking into what’s happening with you and your family, and hope your family is doing well.
    Take care,

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