More stuff and Thanksgiving

November 29, 2008

What else… well Sydnie got her cast off finally and she was so happy!  The cast was really gross and stinky and she had a ton of dead skin to get off her arm. 

We also had a great Thanksgiving with my mom and dad and John and Lexie and their boys.  No pictures!  With all the cooking I was doing and trying to have everything ready I completely forgot to take any pictures.  This was the first time we’ve had Thanksgiving at our house, since we’ve never had a big enough house before!  It was nice and really relaxing – well at least after the food was all cooked.  I made a 20 pound Turkey and even made homemade stuffing – no Stovetop! 

The rest of the weeked has been spent doing not much of anything.  I’ve been scanning in some of Mom Stoddard’s pictures and a bunch of stuff of my own, making a Christmas photo card because I didn’t like the templates on any of the photo sites, and listening to Dave play the guitar and singing along.  I didn’t even get dressed on Friday until like 4:00!  Now I’m just trying not to freak out because it’s going to be December and I haven’t really done anything to prepare for Christmas.  One of these years I’m going to actually be as organized as I have dreams of being!


Scrapbook Class

November 29, 2008

The other thing I was doing the last couple of weeks was take a free on-line scrapbooking class.  It was awesome for a free class!  First we made this book.img_2093  I couldn’t believe all the content for the book was free!  Well, except for the cost of the ink to print everything.  I came away with a book with probably over 50 pages.  It was really more than just a regular scrapbooking class.  It was about telling your stories of you and your family.  The printouts were all pages of “sparks” or journal prompts to help you tell things.  It’s the whole pick a story and tell it and then find a picture or something to go with it.  Not your traditional find a picture and then tell the story.  This is definately more of a family history approach to scrapping.  It was awesome.  Some of the assignments were to sit down and read the questions and spark ideas about your stories.  I thought about things that hadn’t crossed my mind for a long time.  Jessica Sprague, who taught the class (www. encouraged everyone to really think about everything about the memory – where you were, what you were feeling, the smells, the sounds.  Then we had to write about it.  This is a book I will use for a long time and will hopefully make my scrapbooking hobby more meaningful.

Lots of Stuff Going On

November 29, 2008

img_1650Well, lots of stuff going on at least to me. I don’t know about the rest of you. I haven’t posted for awhile so here’s the round up.

Last weekend my Grandma Kirkham passed away. It was a hard thing, but she had put up a good fight and it was a relief to see her finally at peace. It had been a little over a year that we found out she had a brain tumor. She was 76. She was such a strong person and such a fighter. It was hard to see her at the end not in her own home, but in a rest home and not being able to take care of herself. I’m sure she just hated that! Grandma was always so adamant about her house being clean, and the same way about herself. She was always dressed up and never went anywhere without looking nice. I am going to miss her a lot! I have so many fond memories of Grandma, and she was very close to our family. I spent a ton of time there growing up especially with my Aunt Becky and I being the same age and always spending time together at their house. We had great trips and camping trips and family dinners, and just a lot of things.

I just hate that the older you get the more people that you love are gone. I just really sucks!

Anyway…. let’s just say 2008 has been a difficult year… but at the same time I feel like I’ve grown with all the trials and difficulties. I feel like I’ve come away with greater faith than I had before. It just makes you think about what’s really important in life. In the end you leave everything behind and don’t take anything with you but the love of your family. Both Dave’s mom and my grandma were such great women and such great examples. With them passing away I’ve thought a lot of about what you leave behind, and have been asking myself the question about what I hope I would leave behind. Now there’s some food for thought! And something I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving along with my own little family!

Broken Bones

November 12, 2008

We can’t seem to go more than a year the past 3 or so years without any broken bones at our house.  And they’ve mostly been just dumb things!  3 1/2 years ago Hayley broke her arm jumping from the couch onto a stool she fell on when it turned over.  About 2 months after that Sydnie fell off some monkey bars and broke her arm.  2 1/2 years ago I tripped on the stairs in the balcony at the swimming pool at BYUI and slammed my hand into the railing and broke it.  Then last spring I fell while I was working on building the new house and broke my foot.  So this year was the kids’ turn again.  Hayley was doing cartwheels in her ROOM and hit her foot on the desk and didn’t break her foot, but chipped a little piece of bone off of it.  Then three weeks ago Sydnie fell (she’s so embarrassed but I’m telling anyway) off the back of the couch because she was dressed up in her old cheerleader costume and was twirling around on the top back of the couch.  My visiting teacher was here as a witness that she wasn’t a victim of child abuse!  I think the community care people are starting to look at me funny!  Everyone keeps asking me if my kids drink enough milk.  I think 4 gallons a week is plenty.  I just need some sort of klutz proof medicine!

Digital Scrapping

November 9, 2008

I have always wanted to try digital scrapbooking.  I got a nice new Canon Pixma printer on Saturday (early birthday present) and decided to play.  It makes really good photo prints, but I wonder how expensive.  I mean buying the photo paper ended up being 20 cents for per 4X6 not to mention the cost of the ink.  So unless I really need a photo for something I think I’ll stick with Snapfish and Shutterfly.  Anyway… I have had Photoshop Elements for awhile, but not really done anything with it.  I found a cool website with digital papers and elements and downloaded one of their free sample kits at  Way cute!  To make a long story short this is what I came up with.  I should have typed in the journal box but I’ll have to add that by hand this time. 


I am looking forward to playing some more.  I don’t know that I’d ever go total digital ’cause it’s kinda flat and I feel like I need some dimension and texture.  I may do pages that are a little of both. 

I am taking a free on-line class this week called Stories In Hand by Jessica Sprague at  I’ll probably post some of the stuff we do.  We are creating an 6X6 album as part of the project.  If you’re interested you can join the class until Monday at midnight.

Don’t ya just love free stuff!

More Halloween

November 8, 2008

I take way too many pictures at Halloween!  My collection of Halloween pictures is huge and I’ve probably scrapbooked pictures of Halloween more than anything else!  Here are some pictures of the kids in their costumes and having fun carving pumpkins.  We also did Halloween “gingerbread” houses this year too.