Scrapbook Class

November 29, 2008

The other thing I was doing the last couple of weeks was take a free on-line scrapbooking class.  It was awesome for a free class!  First we made this book.img_2093  I couldn’t believe all the content for the book was free!  Well, except for the cost of the ink to print everything.  I came away with a book with probably over 50 pages.  It was really more than just a regular scrapbooking class.  It was about telling your stories of you and your family.  The printouts were all pages of “sparks” or journal prompts to help you tell things.  It’s the whole pick a story and tell it and then find a picture or something to go with it.  Not your traditional find a picture and then tell the story.  This is definately more of a family history approach to scrapping.  It was awesome.  Some of the assignments were to sit down and read the questions and spark ideas about your stories.  I thought about things that hadn’t crossed my mind for a long time.  Jessica Sprague, who taught the class (www. encouraged everyone to really think about everything about the memory – where you were, what you were feeling, the smells, the sounds.  Then we had to write about it.  This is a book I will use for a long time and will hopefully make my scrapbooking hobby more meaningful.


One Response to “Scrapbook Class”

  1. Cozette Says:

    I can’t wait to look at your book! You should bring it if you come down for New Years. I really need to get going on my scrapbooking. I have lots of good ideas, just need to apply them…

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