Just letting everyone know I am doing the Relay for Life in Rexburg on June 26th. I have a personal goal to raise $200 at least for my team. A group of us in the ward “the Pink Ladies” are all doing this together. I am doing mine in memory of mom-in-law, Lana, and my Grandma Kirkham. If you would like to donate please go to my Relay page and you can donate online. You can also print out a donation for or get the money to me and I will turn it in.

Here is the link to my page:
The American Cancer Society:

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I also have luminary bags that you can purchase ($10.00) and decorate in memory of someone specific. They will be lit and displayed sometime during the Relay.

I appreciate any efforts you make to support this cause! Thanks!


Dave’s Song

May 21, 2009

I’ve been wanting to post this for awhile and get it on my blog. This is the song Dave and Luke recorded this winter. Dave is singing and playing the harmonica. Luke added in the guitars, drums, etc. Even Dad Stoddard sang some bass to add to it. I think it sounds awesome! Dave had a good time recording it with Luke and was proud of how it turned out. Enjoy!

img_2398Well,  I have been out of the blogging world for quite awhile now!  2 and 1/2 months to be exact.  Sometimes it just seems like there are things in your life which completely consume you for a time and you’re so intensely focused you can’t think about anything else.  I’ve kinda been there for awhile now.  Hopefully starting broaden my horizons again a little bit.  Anyway… time for an update on a few things the family has had going on and pictures. 


This was Sydnie’s cake that my mom made.  It turned out really cute with the fondant.  Cute, but the fondant is really almost to sweet to eat.  Mom has really been into the cake decorating and making all her grandkid’s birthday cakes.

Sydnie had a fun party with a few friends.  They had a fun time.  What crazy sweet girls! 

Sydnie is 12!  Starting Young Women now!  That just can’t be possible can it?





Hayley had a big dance competition in Idaho Falls in March.  They did really well and got a big trophy for their dance studio.  I loved their cute costumes.  Their score qualified them to go to competition in Lagoon this summer which they are all really excited about.





This isn’t that great of a picture of Syd’s DARE graduation but you can tell at least that she was able to get her diploma from her dad. 






This was Hayley’s birthday cake from her 10th birthday last week.  Cake courtesy of Grandma Kathy of course.  This time with frosting ’cause Hayley did not want to eat fondant as she informed her grandmother.  She got to go bowling with a few friends and mom which was fun.  They had pizza and cake and Hayley got a bowling pin which her friends helped decorate. 




More cute crazy friends.  I’m glad my kids have such good friends!