1st Day of School 2009

September 27, 2009

It’s way past time to post the back to school pics for this year.  I’m just really behind on what I’ve been wanting to blog about.  Not that I have a ton of people reading, but this has become a journal/family history/scrapbook of sorts and so I keep doing it!  That and I like it!

This is a more special event than usual because it is Dillan’s first year of official school, and Syd’s going off to Jr. High.  Dillan is off and running with Kindergarten.  He is so eager that I really don’t have a hard time watching him go.  Sometimes I wonder at my mommyness because I’ve really not ever gotten weepy or sad with my kids going off to school.  I didn’t with Dillan either, even though he’s the baby.  Back to him being so eager, he actually thought he would learn to read the first day of school!  We were talking about books and reading them or something when we all got home later that 1st day, and he said told me he would be able to read them tonight.  I had to explain that he wouldn’t quite be able to read after one day and that it took some time.  He wasn’t really very happy about it.  Silly kid! 

Hayley has a great teacher who substituted last year so she is really excited to have him as her teacher and is loving school this year.  She has some good friends in her class this year, although she is still sad that her best friend moved.  She misses her. 

Sydnie was nervous about Jr. High.  She wanted me to walk her in the first day, and I kept asking if she was sure she wanted me to (me, thinking, she really won’t want to be embarrased by bringing her mom to school).  But, she insisted, and so I went and sure enough.  We walked through the doors, she saw absolutely no parents, and started walking really fast in front of us and finally turned around and said “Mom, you can go ahead and go”.  She is having a good time and liking all the variety of classes and different atmosphere of Jr. High. 

They are just growing so much!  It seems like it happens in the blink of an eye anymore.  Some days you look at them, I mean really look, and think to yourself…when did he start getting taller, when did she change from cute to a pretty young lady.  Some days they drive you crazy and some days you just want to hold them and not let them go out into the world and keep them safe.  But you let them go, excited for them, scared for them, and hoping they will make good choices.  Happy new school year kiddos!



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