Summer Soccer

September 27, 2009

I signed the kids up for community soccer for the month of August.  My kids have never played soccer before and since we didn’t play softball this year and since I thought they needed to broaden their horizons, we  well, mom decided on soccer for our summer sport.  Dillan was the only one that was really excited.  Sydnie and Hayley just kept saying they didn’t think they would like it and they were mad I didn’t sign them up for softball.  Sure, they thought the socks and shin guards were cool and made them feel sporty, but I just couldn’t convince them.  Even Sydnie’s first practice went bad.  She fell or got kicked or something (we hadn’t gotten shin guards yet) and got into the truck crying and say she wasn’t going back.  Well, this is the daughter that if you don’t push her a little she won’t do anything.  So I pushed and she pushed and I told her she had to go to all her practices and see what she thought and then we’d talk about it.  Well, after two weeks of practice, the subject never came up again…..hmmm.  She ended up really enjoying it and having fun, not to mention some exercise!  Hayley, who likes every sport pretty much, decided she would add soccer to her definate likes.  I think it may now rate almost as high as basketball.  And Dillan, well, I wished it was captured in these pictures, but he spent most of his games with a constant smile on his face.  So I think that means he really liked it too!





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