Mister “6”

October 11, 2009

Dillan’s 6th Birthday was several days ago, and I thought I’d better post about it before it’s months later!


He’s was so funny about it a week or two before his birthday. He’s such a particular little guy about things. He has to have this order to chaos or something. Anyway… I kept saying to people that he was 6 years old (because, well, he was only a few days away) or saying things around the house about him be 6. He kept getting mad at me because I was saying he was 6 when, “mom, I am not 6 yet! Not until after my birthday!” Do you get some idea of what it’s like sometimes to deal with Mister Particular? Sometimes its cute and funny, but sometimes when your in a hurry or just don’t have time to explain things to him in great detail it’s really a pain!

We are glad for him to have his birthday! It was a great day or two around our house. I think in part because the girls wanted to buy him a present, but I was a little short on cash right around his birthday and having bought his presents already, I suggested maybe instead of a present they do something nice for him and decorate his bedroom door and surprise him. They really liked the idea (I think a new family tradition has been born) and had a lot of fun sneaking around and decorating after he went to bed. He woke up the next morning to a nice surprise of streamers and balloons and a Happy Birthday banner.

The thing I noticed was how nice the girls were to him (at least for a few days) and made him feel really special. Sometimes they are really on a kick about him being the baby and their perception that he gets all the attention (yea, right), and they are kind of mean to him. But after doing this little project for him they showed an increase of love towards him and a little bit of tenderness. I wish I could bottle that up and save it for the days I want to send them to their rooms for life for picking on him so much! It justs shows that deep down they really do love their little brother and do like to do nice things for each other once in awhile!


Dillan had a lot of fun presents including some new Castle Legos to have fun with. He is such a builder! He had a cool dinosaur cake Grandma Kathy made for him too. Happy 6th Birthday Dillyjon Jones (…his favorite books are the Skippy Jon Jones books and I call him Dillyjon Jones ’cause it makes him laugh)!



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