Family Update

February 15, 2010

Well here’s what we’ve been up to the past several months so that all of you don’t think all I’ve been doing is reading books! Seeing as how most of my posts recently have been book reviews!

We spent time this fall with Dillan doing wrestling and Hayley playing basketball. I am kicking myself for not get pictures of Dillan wrestling, but then it really wasn’t his thing I don’t think so the pictures wouldn’t have been that exciting. He mostly just had fun messing around.

Hayley had and is still having a great basketball season. After their regular community basketball season the girls were able to participate in a 5th grade team to play in the Idaho Falls community leagues on Saturdays. So she is practicing 2 days a week and going to a game every Saturday. She loves basketball, and is getting to be good! Sugar girls basketball is very competitive! They always have good teams and the high school girls usually go to state every year. It makes you feel like if you want your daughter to make the team in junior high and high school you need to get her all the experience you can. They took two 5th grade teams to the Idaho Falls games this year. Hayley will have a lot of competition I think trying out for teams as they get older.

Sydnie has been in choir this year and had several performances. She is also still taking piano lessons and getting really good at that. She is going to be a lot better piano player than me! She LOVES junior high! She is also enjoying young women activities in our ward. She is driving me crazy with the email and chatting stuff though! She keeps hijacking my phone or the computer whenever she gets a chance so she can check her email or see who is on messenger so she can chat. She really wants a cell phone of her own, but mom and dad have borrowed the idea from Uncle Nate and Aunt Anna that she has to have straight A’s first. It has been some good motivation for her!

Dave is working away as usual. Nothing too exciting going on lately. He’s just trying to get through winter, which he hates. He is ready to go camping already!

I’ve been just going along like usual. I’ve been busy reading, taking an on-line scrapbooking class, trying to keep up with running kids around to stuff, working, keeping up with house cleaning (NOT!). We have also moved into new ward. They made some changes and re-arranged the wards here and created a new one. So we were moved into a different ward. The change has been good and we are enjoying the new ward, but we have never went to church at the 1:00 time before so that has been different. I have been called to team teach the 8-9 year old primary class. It’s been great to teach kids a little bit older, since I’ve been teaching 4 year olds for a couple of years now. I also have been called to be the ward camp director. I am so excited! Sydnie is so excited too! I am really looking forward to going to camp and getting to know the girls. I loved camp as a young woman.

We had a good Christmas and holidays. Pretty calm and laid back which was very nice!

We’ll that’s my update. We are just so exciting aren’t we!


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