Jack & Jill

July 19, 2009

IMG_2501Just a funny little story about Dillan –

He and I were planting potatoes in the garden the 3rd week of May. I was cutting the potatoes up and he was carefully planting them in the holes I had dug. We were having a good discussion about gardening. He asked if people planted gardens a long time ago. I explained that they did because that was how people used to get their food a lot of the time. Then he asked me if Jesus thought it was good to plant gardens. I told him Jesus probably thought gardens were a good idea. Then he asked me if Jack and Jill had planted a garden. I was thinking in my head… Jack and Jill went up the hill… what does that have to do with a garden? I told him I didn’t know about Jack and Jill planting a garden, and then I realized who he might be talking about. “Do you mean Adam and Eve?” He got excited and said “Yeah, that’s who I meant, Mom. Those two people who had a garden!”

It sure made me smile and giggle. I think maybe he’s getting preschool and primary all jumbled together! What a funny kid!


BYU-I Gardens

August 25, 2008

Aren’t they just such cute kids!!!

I took the kids up to the gardens at BYU-I to take their pictures this afternoon.  It was fun, but they were annoyed with the picture taking by the time we left.  That and, for some reason, we got attacked by hornets by one of the ponds and Sydnie and Hayley both got stung and were hurting when we left.  Stupid hornets!  Anyway… the flowers were beautiful as always and I wandered around wishing I could somehow make my yard look like their landscaping.  All I need is a lot of money and I’m sure I could do it! 🙂  Oh, well.  I’ll plod along doing a little bit at a time and someday when I’m like 50 or something it may look like something close.  Maybe I should just get started here at least – We haven’t done anything in the yard at all except mow the weeds!  It just seems overwhelming to even think about where to start with the yard.  I hope we can get something done this fall.  At least a place to have the veggie garden next spring, and some actual grass out front.