Friday was my Grandma Kirkham’s memorial service.  This was done in addition to the graveside service we already had on the 25th of November (I think it was).  I got the privilege of writing up a brief life history of Grandma for the service.  I was so happy to do it even though it made me miss her a lot.  I have a lot of regret that I didn’t do this before.  I have thought for a long time that I needed to go out and talk with Grandma and Grandpa about their lives and any stories or memories they could share.  I really wish I’d done that with Grandma.  I should listen better to those promptings!

It was also great to have Kim and Wendee come from Wyoming in spite of the sad circumstances.  Wendee stayed at our house and I really enjoyed getting to talk with her!  I haven’t seen her for what seems like forever.  Her girls, Bailee and Taylor (don’t know if I’m spelling their names right) are so cute and my girls loved having them here to play with.  It was great to have so much of the cousins and family here at my house Friday night.  We had tons of pizza (a reminder to me that my mom always tends to think we need more food than we do), and we sat and visited and the kids played.  Again – where the heck was my camera!  I’ve really got to get in the mode of having it out and around more often. 

Here are my girls with Wendee’s girls – all still in their PJs.  Dillan also got to spend most of the day Saturday with Kim’s son Nicholas.  He and Dillan are about the same age and play really well together.  But of course I didn’t get a picture of them.  All that stuff going on all weekend and I took two pictures just before Wendee left!  What cute kids they all are!


My mom and the girls and I went to see the Nutcracker at the Idaho Falls Colonial Theater on Saturday night.  Hayley, my dancer girl, loved it!  She just kept looking at me and saying “that was amazing Mom!”  It was pretty cool and amazing when the professional dancers came on.  The production was a mixture of a local ballet school with some guest dancers from Utah Regional Ballet.  It was, however, definitely the consensus that we didn’t really like the “men in tights”.  We all enjoyed it, but Sydnie and I kinda missed having some singing or talking instead of dancing only.