Broken Bones

November 12, 2008

We can’t seem to go more than a year the past 3 or so years without any broken bones at our house.  And they’ve mostly been just dumb things!  3 1/2 years ago Hayley broke her arm jumping from the couch onto a stool she fell on when it turned over.  About 2 months after that Sydnie fell off some monkey bars and broke her arm.  2 1/2 years ago I tripped on the stairs in the balcony at the swimming pool at BYUI and slammed my hand into the railing and broke it.  Then last spring I fell while I was working on building the new house and broke my foot.  So this year was the kids’ turn again.  Hayley was doing cartwheels in her ROOM and hit her foot on the desk and didn’t break her foot, but chipped a little piece of bone off of it.  Then three weeks ago Sydnie fell (she’s so embarrassed but I’m telling anyway) off the back of the couch because she was dressed up in her old cheerleader costume and was twirling around on the top back of the couch.  My visiting teacher was here as a witness that she wasn’t a victim of child abuse!  I think the community care people are starting to look at me funny!  Everyone keeps asking me if my kids drink enough milk.  I think 4 gallons a week is plenty.  I just need some sort of klutz proof medicine!