Kitty Cats

June 19, 2008


This is one of our cats.  Max is big and all black with long hair.  He is so funny! Dave says he is just dumb, and I just say it’s his personality.  He has this wide-eyed look that makes him appear to be surprised all the time.  He has a sauntering lah-dee-dah kind of walk that makes me laugh.  His tail flicks back and forth like some uncoordinated dancer with a boa. 

 Jasper is our playful tiger.  (I’ll post a picture of him later.  I haven’t taken any since the computer crashed.)  He loves everyone and likes to have lots of attention.  He even loves Dave who keeps denying that he likes cats, but secretly he really likes Jasper.  Jasper is just good-natured and doesn’t usually get that cat-moody, don’t pet me attitude. 

We enjoy our cats so much I don’t know what we would do without them as part of our family.