Newest Family Edition

February 20, 2010

We got a new addition to our family yesterday. Her name is Gypsy and she is a 6 week old Yorkshire Terrier. We are probably crazy I know, since we already have three cats (2 inside) and two big dogs. But look at these pictures and tell me how we could say no! Is this not the sweetest, cutest thing? And she is all that too – cute, sweet, playful, cuddly. The only problem is that she is so small that you worry about hurting or stepping on her!

The kids think it is awesome of course. The maniacal cats can’t decide if she is some sort of larger rodent or what! They look at her with “what eez this thing. What eez it and why eez it here. No one askez our opeenion.” Tucker, the German Shorthair, is like “puppies….I am not the sort of dog that has patience for puppies” and he walks away and won’t even look at her. Chance, the slobbery big black lab (who thinks HE is the lap dog of the family) just licks her and looks at Dave and you can tell he is thinking “cool, cute puppy. Can we play now huh, huh? I’ll go get my ball. C’mon Dad. Huh Huh?” And Dave? Wow, who would have thought my manly man would have been so sucked in by this cute little ball of fluff! The kids are calling him a puppy hog! She is probably going to be a spoiled girl indeed!

So that is the start of our new puppy adventures! I’m not looking forward so much to all the potty training and all that, and it was a somewhat sleepless night with the little sweetie in the kennel for the 1st time and her crying off and on. But, look at that cute little face! You would do a lot for that cute little face and a little snuggle or two from her, right?!

Yeah I know, I’ve been completely taken in too!



September 15, 2008

We’ve been thinking about our old Harley-dog a lot this summer.  There were a couple of times we wondered if he was going to make it through the winter.  We worry a lot about the upcoming winter and how well he’ll do.  He turned 14 years old this March.  We’ve had him longer than we’ve had our children!  He has been much loved and a great hunting dog for Dave.  He’s been doing really good this summer, with the exception of one scare where he fell in the neighbors ditch and it was too muddy and slick for him to get out.  The problem is with his back legs.  They just are so stiff and don’t have as much strength in them as they used to.  So if he falls he struggles to get back up which isn’t a problem on normal dry ground.  But on the snow, ice or mud this is really hard for him. 

Anyway… I couldn’t find him that night and he usually doesn’t go far especially around meal time.  We were going around to the neighbors and everywhere, and I finally walked out to the very back of our yard near the neighbors field.  It was almost dark and I saw a shape in the ditch.  It scared me because I worried that he’d drowned!  But he was just sitting there in the water because he couldn’t climb up the ditch bank.  I almost didn’t see him and I hate to even think what would have happened had he sat in the freezing ditch water all night long (shiver).  I just don’t want to see him go like that.  I just want to go out to his bed in the garage one morning and see that he passed away peacefully in his sleep.  I don’t want to think about his health getting bad enough to have to put him to sleep!  I just want him to go all on his own when it’s his time.  So, for now we’ll love him and take care of him and hope he has a good winter.  For all our concerns he still gets spunky once in awhile which makes me laugh and lets us know he’s a happy dog and has led a good long life.  There’ll never be another like him!