Jack & Jill

July 19, 2009

IMG_2501Just a funny little story about Dillan –

He and I were planting potatoes in the garden the 3rd week of May. I was cutting the potatoes up and he was carefully planting them in the holes I had dug. We were having a good discussion about gardening. He asked if people planted gardens a long time ago. I explained that they did because that was how people used to get their food a lot of the time. Then he asked me if Jesus thought it was good to plant gardens. I told him Jesus probably thought gardens were a good idea. Then he asked me if Jack and Jill had planted a garden. I was thinking in my head… Jack and Jill went up the hill… what does that have to do with a garden? I told him I didn’t know about Jack and Jill planting a garden, and then I realized who he might be talking about. “Do you mean Adam and Eve?” He got excited and said “Yeah, that’s who I meant, Mom. Those two people who had a garden!”

It sure made me smile and giggle. I think maybe he’s getting preschool and primary all jumbled together! What a funny kid!