Wow!  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted!  I didn’t realize it had been about 6 weeks or so.  Crazy life I guess.  I feel like I have just spent a lot of time in my car.  Getting used to the 40 minute commute every morning and afternoon has been interesting especially when you add that I am running kids around to everything they do at least 3 days a week.  Then there is the usual grocery shopping, errands, etc, that you add in too.  Whew!  I get tired sometimes even just thinking about it. 

I am enjoying working in the company’s Idaho Falls office.  The Rexburg office was so quiet and I was there a lot of times by myself which got really boring.  I have a lot more to do now and it makes the days go by much faster, and there are people to talk to and it’s much more interesting.  So, I guess it’s a trade off.  I’m enjoying my job better I just have to driver farther to do it!  Working from home on Fridays is wonderful!  I really look forward to it a lot and it keeps me going throughout the week knowing that’s how I can end it.

The kids are just going along with school and the usual.  Sydnie is working hard and improving her grades.  She always really struggles the 1st few months of school and then finally finds her groove and starts to do a lot better.  She loves Jr. High and all the new, exciting happenings there.  She’s had a couple of dances and is having fun with those.  Hayley just finished her regular basketball season and then got asked to be on a team that will play in the Idaho Falls leagues in January and February.  (Just what I needed…another trip to Idaho Falls during the week!)  She is excited and we are enjoying watching her play and improve!  Dillan just finished wrestling.  He had fun but we didn’t do any tournaments or anything.  He just liked learning some moves – probably so he could try them on his sisters!

We were moved into a new ward with some rearranging here in our little community.  We are enjoying it!  We have some good friends here already and excited to make some new ones too!  The 2nd Sunday we were there I had to stand in Sacrament Meeting to be confirmed for my new callings.  My little Dillan was trying to figure out when he should raise his hand in support, and I was trying to help him.  He was being a little silly and kept trying to raise his hand in opposition.  Well, I stood up for my sustaining and of course you can imagine what happened.  He raised his hand in opposition to my calling of being ward camp director.  Everyone had a good laugh about that!

That same Sunday he wanted to bear his testimony.  This is the 1st time he’s ever done that!  Anyway… he goes up and gives his testimony and then when he sits down he looks up at me and says, “now I don’t have a testimony anymore!”  I said why not, you always have a testimony in your heart and head.  He said he didn’t because he buried it!  He thought that’s what people were doing when they got up.  They were “burying” their testimony!  So funny!  What a goof!   (He must have had too much sugar for breakfast that morning or something).


Halloween 2009

November 1, 2009


Pirate Girl, Batman and Twister Girl

For some reason this Halloween didn’t seem quite as hectic as usual – nice! The Sunday before Halloween we went to Steve & Vick’s house for the annual Halloween Feast of Blood and Guts Casserole (Lasagne), witch’s broomsticks (breadsticks), sea monster salad with purple sea monster goo dressing (ranch with purple food coloring), and some cute spider cupcakes and yumming pumpkin cake. BUT – I forgot my camera! Dang it all! I’ll have to see if Steve got some pics he can send me.

On Friday the kids wore their costumes to school and had the usual parties and stuff. Syd had her 1st Jr. High dance, which she ending up enjoying more than she thought. She was really worried it would be really boring with no one dancing. Friday night was the annual Halloween Carnival at the school. We got there pretty late, but it was actually nice and didn’t seem as crowded then. (Maybe I’ll do that again next year!) The kids had fun playing games and parading around in their costumes.

Saturday morning we carved pumpkins and made roasted pumpkins from the seeds. Saturday afternoon the sun came out and we went to the straw maze. The weather was nice, which was good, since it took us over an hour to get to the end. I must just not be a logical enough thinker to figure out a maze or something. We were watching some people go through in like 10 or 15 minutes, and we finally had to ask some people coming through for the second time how the heck to get out! I couldn’t even go back in there and tell you how we got through. It all looked the same to me! Dill kept getting worried that we were going to be lost forever. We thought about going back to the entrance and just being done since we were getting tired of walking, but I was being stubborn and determined that a smart grown person could figure this out. Ha ha! A little lesson in humility for me I guess :)!

We went to the trunk or treat at the church after that, went to visit with Great Grandma McBride, and then came back to our house with family for some chili cheese baked potatoes. All in all a great day! (Except for the straw maze – hee, hee – next year it’s Dad’s turn to take them!)

Hope everyone else had a Happy Halloween!


Dillan working hard on his pumpkin


Hayley and her scarey pumpkin


Sydnie getting a little help with her pumpkin

Mister “6”

October 11, 2009

Dillan’s 6th Birthday was several days ago, and I thought I’d better post about it before it’s months later!


He’s was so funny about it a week or two before his birthday. He’s such a particular little guy about things. He has to have this order to chaos or something. Anyway… I kept saying to people that he was 6 years old (because, well, he was only a few days away) or saying things around the house about him be 6. He kept getting mad at me because I was saying he was 6 when, “mom, I am not 6 yet! Not until after my birthday!” Do you get some idea of what it’s like sometimes to deal with Mister Particular? Sometimes its cute and funny, but sometimes when your in a hurry or just don’t have time to explain things to him in great detail it’s really a pain!

We are glad for him to have his birthday! It was a great day or two around our house. I think in part because the girls wanted to buy him a present, but I was a little short on cash right around his birthday and having bought his presents already, I suggested maybe instead of a present they do something nice for him and decorate his bedroom door and surprise him. They really liked the idea (I think a new family tradition has been born) and had a lot of fun sneaking around and decorating after he went to bed. He woke up the next morning to a nice surprise of streamers and balloons and a Happy Birthday banner.

The thing I noticed was how nice the girls were to him (at least for a few days) and made him feel really special. Sometimes they are really on a kick about him being the baby and their perception that he gets all the attention (yea, right), and they are kind of mean to him. But after doing this little project for him they showed an increase of love towards him and a little bit of tenderness. I wish I could bottle that up and save it for the days I want to send them to their rooms for life for picking on him so much! It justs shows that deep down they really do love their little brother and do like to do nice things for each other once in awhile!


Dillan had a lot of fun presents including some new Castle Legos to have fun with. He is such a builder! He had a cool dinosaur cake Grandma Kathy made for him too. Happy 6th Birthday Dillyjon Jones (…his favorite books are the Skippy Jon Jones books and I call him Dillyjon Jones ’cause it makes him laugh)!


1st Day of School 2009

September 27, 2009

It’s way past time to post the back to school pics for this year.  I’m just really behind on what I’ve been wanting to blog about.  Not that I have a ton of people reading, but this has become a journal/family history/scrapbook of sorts and so I keep doing it!  That and I like it!

This is a more special event than usual because it is Dillan’s first year of official school, and Syd’s going off to Jr. High.  Dillan is off and running with Kindergarten.  He is so eager that I really don’t have a hard time watching him go.  Sometimes I wonder at my mommyness because I’ve really not ever gotten weepy or sad with my kids going off to school.  I didn’t with Dillan either, even though he’s the baby.  Back to him being so eager, he actually thought he would learn to read the first day of school!  We were talking about books and reading them or something when we all got home later that 1st day, and he said told me he would be able to read them tonight.  I had to explain that he wouldn’t quite be able to read after one day and that it took some time.  He wasn’t really very happy about it.  Silly kid! 

Hayley has a great teacher who substituted last year so she is really excited to have him as her teacher and is loving school this year.  She has some good friends in her class this year, although she is still sad that her best friend moved.  She misses her. 

Sydnie was nervous about Jr. High.  She wanted me to walk her in the first day, and I kept asking if she was sure she wanted me to (me, thinking, she really won’t want to be embarrased by bringing her mom to school).  But, she insisted, and so I went and sure enough.  We walked through the doors, she saw absolutely no parents, and started walking really fast in front of us and finally turned around and said “Mom, you can go ahead and go”.  She is having a good time and liking all the variety of classes and different atmosphere of Jr. High. 

They are just growing so much!  It seems like it happens in the blink of an eye anymore.  Some days you look at them, I mean really look, and think to yourself…when did he start getting taller, when did she change from cute to a pretty young lady.  Some days they drive you crazy and some days you just want to hold them and not let them go out into the world and keep them safe.  But you let them go, excited for them, scared for them, and hoping they will make good choices.  Happy new school year kiddos!


Summer Soccer

September 27, 2009

I signed the kids up for community soccer for the month of August.  My kids have never played soccer before and since we didn’t play softball this year and since I thought they needed to broaden their horizons, we  well, mom decided on soccer for our summer sport.  Dillan was the only one that was really excited.  Sydnie and Hayley just kept saying they didn’t think they would like it and they were mad I didn’t sign them up for softball.  Sure, they thought the socks and shin guards were cool and made them feel sporty, but I just couldn’t convince them.  Even Sydnie’s first practice went bad.  She fell or got kicked or something (we hadn’t gotten shin guards yet) and got into the truck crying and say she wasn’t going back.  Well, this is the daughter that if you don’t push her a little she won’t do anything.  So I pushed and she pushed and I told her she had to go to all her practices and see what she thought and then we’d talk about it.  Well, after two weeks of practice, the subject never came up again…..hmmm.  She ended up really enjoying it and having fun, not to mention some exercise!  Hayley, who likes every sport pretty much, decided she would add soccer to her definate likes.  I think it may now rate almost as high as basketball.  And Dillan, well, I wished it was captured in these pictures, but he spent most of his games with a constant smile on his face.  So I think that means he really liked it too!




Summer of Camping

August 9, 2009

Ok if any of you ever hear Dave complain about me not wanting to go camping we’ll you can just smack him for me!  We went camping Memorial Day weekend, and then every weekend in July!  It has been so great of my Father-In-Law Gene to let us borrow his camper so much.  This is the reason for my enjoyment of camping this year so much.  I know I’m spoiled, but a girl really like to have a “potty” instead of having to go in the bushes!  Is that wrong of me?!  Maybe it’s a girl thing, but regardless we have had a great time enjoying the great outdoors.  We’ve camped, rode 4-wheelers & dirt bikes, fished, swam, relaxed, read, sang (and listened to Mr. Talented Dave play guitar and sing) around the campfire, and enjoyed great food and our friends and family.  The kids have had a great time.  It’s been like camping heaven for them :)!

(I do have to say I am a little wore out though!)

Here’s a few pictures from one of our weekends.

Sydnie - Camper girl

Sydnie - Camper girl

Hayley - Camper Girl #2

Hayley - Camper Girl #2

Camper Boy

Camper Boy

Henry's Lake Swimming

Henry's Lake Swimming

Keeping cool at the lake & a great view!

Keeping cool at the lake & a great view!

Our “Dancing Queen”

July 30, 2009

Hayley had her end of the year dance recital in June. She did three dances and this was the one with the best video which you could see her and she wasn’t behind someone else. This is their jazz dance. She really loves dance and thinks it is just awesome. You can tell she is enjoying herself!

Hayley in her ballet costume

Hayley in her ballet costume

Hayley's Team and their dance competition trophys

Hayley's Team and their dance competition trophys