Hayley’s dance team competed at Lagoon this summer.  They did really well and won the sweepstakes and got a big trophy for their dance studio.  It also gave us the chance to go to Lagoon with the kids and let them ride the rides after the competion. 

Hayley - Ready to Compete

Hayley - Ready to Compete

Okay…let me clarify…I ride everthing and everyone else rides some things.  We all really liked The Bat – even Dillan after we conviced him to ride it.  I did get Hayley to ride Colossus with me, but I’m not sure what she thought about it.  I rode Wicked by myself and it was AWESOME!  I think the only ride that has ever really scared me was the Maliboomer at Disneyland’s California Adventure – 180 feet in 4 seconds – I was shaking when I got off!

Hayley & Syd on the Wild Mouse

Hayley & Syd on the Wild Mouse

Dillan - Waiting with Mom & Dad

Dillan - Waiting with Mom & Dad

It was a nice day and not too hot.  Just before we got ready to come home we decided to ride Rattlesnake Rapids because we knew we’d get wet.  Well, we did, and then we got wetter!  It poured on us!  We finally just decided it wasn’t going to quit for awhile and hurried out to the car and left.

Cute kids at Lagoon

Cute kids at Lagoon


Jack & Jill

July 19, 2009

IMG_2501Just a funny little story about Dillan –

He and I were planting potatoes in the garden the 3rd week of May. I was cutting the potatoes up and he was carefully planting them in the holes I had dug. We were having a good discussion about gardening. He asked if people planted gardens a long time ago. I explained that they did because that was how people used to get their food a lot of the time. Then he asked me if Jesus thought it was good to plant gardens. I told him Jesus probably thought gardens were a good idea. Then he asked me if Jack and Jill had planted a garden. I was thinking in my head… Jack and Jill went up the hill… what does that have to do with a garden? I told him I didn’t know about Jack and Jill planting a garden, and then I realized who he might be talking about. “Do you mean Adam and Eve?” He got excited and said “Yeah, that’s who I meant, Mom. Those two people who had a garden!”

It sure made me smile and giggle. I think maybe he’s getting preschool and primary all jumbled together! What a funny kid!


Sydnie's AWESOME Hairspray Solo

Sydnie's AWESOME Hairspray Solo


Sydnie started TaVaci when she was four. I can’t believe 8 years have past and she has went from that silly little kid to this (still somewhat silly) young lady with a beautiful voice. She had a little solo part in one of the songs and she sounded so good, and of course we were so proud of her. I hope someday she gets over her shyness about sharing her talents. It’s funny that she will sing in TaVaci and stuff, but has a hard time sharing her singing outside of that.

Preschool Graduate

June 3, 2009

Graduate Dill

Graduate Dill

Dillan graduated from preschool on May 21st. He is so excited to start kindergarten in the fall and ride the bus. I think he’s mostly excited about the bus. He is such a smart little guy! If I would make more time with him I think I could have him reading before he starts kindergarten. He loves books and can even pick out some simple words. Heck, he’s almost teaching himself! He really loved his preschool teacher, Mrs. Clark, and it was an added bonus that he got to go to preschool with his cousin Keifer. It was so funny that they could spend all day together at the babysitters and then still be excited to get to go to school with each other. Those two get along so well!


Cousin Keifer & Dillan at their graduation.

img_2398Well,  I have been out of the blogging world for quite awhile now!  2 and 1/2 months to be exact.  Sometimes it just seems like there are things in your life which completely consume you for a time and you’re so intensely focused you can’t think about anything else.  I’ve kinda been there for awhile now.  Hopefully starting broaden my horizons again a little bit.  Anyway… time for an update on a few things the family has had going on and pictures. 


This was Sydnie’s cake that my mom made.  It turned out really cute with the fondant.  Cute, but the fondant is really almost to sweet to eat.  Mom has really been into the cake decorating and making all her grandkid’s birthday cakes.

Sydnie had a fun party with a few friends.  They had a fun time.  What crazy sweet girls! 

Sydnie is 12!  Starting Young Women now!  That just can’t be possible can it?





Hayley had a big dance competition in Idaho Falls in March.  They did really well and got a big trophy for their dance studio.  I loved their cute costumes.  Their score qualified them to go to competition in Lagoon this summer which they are all really excited about.





This isn’t that great of a picture of Syd’s DARE graduation but you can tell at least that she was able to get her diploma from her dad. 






This was Hayley’s birthday cake from her 10th birthday last week.  Cake courtesy of Grandma Kathy of course.  This time with frosting ’cause Hayley did not want to eat fondant as she informed her grandmother.  She got to go bowling with a few friends and mom which was fun.  They had pizza and cake and Hayley got a bowling pin which her friends helped decorate. 




More cute crazy friends.  I’m glad my kids have such good friends!

Ice Skating

February 15, 2009








We took the family ice skating for Family Home Evening on Monday.  Man, I shoulda wore some long underwear or something!  I was frozen by the time I left!  Got a few pictures to share.  Dillan actually finally got the hang of it by the time we were done.  Now everyone is asking when they get to go again!  Dave was the picture taker since he’s not really fond on being on slick ice with just little blades underneath you.  Besides the ice was pretty rough, not the smooth glossy ice you see at ice skating shows and competitions.  And really, I do know how to ice skate even though it looks like I am about to fall down in these pictures!

Friday was my Grandma Kirkham’s memorial service.  This was done in addition to the graveside service we already had on the 25th of November (I think it was).  I got the privilege of writing up a brief life history of Grandma for the service.  I was so happy to do it even though it made me miss her a lot.  I have a lot of regret that I didn’t do this before.  I have thought for a long time that I needed to go out and talk with Grandma and Grandpa about their lives and any stories or memories they could share.  I really wish I’d done that with Grandma.  I should listen better to those promptings!

It was also great to have Kim and Wendee come from Wyoming in spite of the sad circumstances.  Wendee stayed at our house and I really enjoyed getting to talk with her!  I haven’t seen her for what seems like forever.  Her girls, Bailee and Taylor (don’t know if I’m spelling their names right) are so cute and my girls loved having them here to play with.  It was great to have so much of the cousins and family here at my house Friday night.  We had tons of pizza (a reminder to me that my mom always tends to think we need more food than we do), and we sat and visited and the kids played.  Again – where the heck was my camera!  I’ve really got to get in the mode of having it out and around more often. 

Here are my girls with Wendee’s girls – all still in their PJs.  Dillan also got to spend most of the day Saturday with Kim’s son Nicholas.  He and Dillan are about the same age and play really well together.  But of course I didn’t get a picture of them.  All that stuff going on all weekend and I took two pictures just before Wendee left!  What cute kids they all are!


My mom and the girls and I went to see the Nutcracker at the Idaho Falls Colonial Theater on Saturday night.  Hayley, my dancer girl, loved it!  She just kept looking at me and saying “that was amazing Mom!”  It was pretty cool and amazing when the professional dancers came on.  The production was a mixture of a local ballet school with some guest dancers from Utah Regional Ballet.  It was, however, definitely the consensus that we didn’t really like the “men in tights”.  We all enjoyed it, but Sydnie and I kinda missed having some singing or talking instead of dancing only.