Oh look at these pictures!  Doesn’t that precious little puppy look so  cute, sweet and innocent there with the kids?  Like such a calm little bundle of joy?  Ok, well, now don’t get me wrong, she is cute and sweet SOMETIMES.  Mostly when she has exhausted herself by the end of the day and lays limp and lifeless on my lap!

This is basically her day –

Wake up and whine until someone lets her out of the kennel (usually at 6:00 a.m., which is fine on weekdays, but weekends?  Sheesh!)

Go out and go potty, then come in and eat a few pieces of dog food.

Decide people food smells better than dog food, so she leaves most of her food and runs around the kitchen searching for crumbs and whatever anyone might drop of the floor.

Doesn’t find much food so she decides to eat the dog food after all!

Then it is cat chasing/chewing time.  Our big black cat Max hasn’t much tolerance for her so she doesn’t bug him too much, but her and our yellow tabby, Jasper, go the rounds off and on all day.  They chew on each other and roll each other around on the floor.  I don’t understand why they seem to enjoy it.  Both of them spend most of their “play” time yowling, crying or yipping in pain!

The rest of her day is spent with her other obsessions.

1.  Food:  Searching for some scrap of food she thinks you may have dropped, some food you are eating she thinks you might give to her, or some food residue left on your fingers she thinks she can lick off.  She acts like she is starving, and really she is not.  She has a little butterball tummy!

2.  Chewing:  Chewing everything she can get her teeth on!  Dillan has a book about a little black puppy called Chewie Louie.  Chewie Louie chews up everything and basically destroys the house until he finally isn’t a puppy anymore and starts to play fetch.  Well, lets just say I hope Gypsy learns to fetch soon or no one will have any socks, shoes, electronic cords, or anything left!  I am exaggerating a little here, but we have had to learn to close all our bedroom doors and not leave anything on the floor or where she can reach.

Then there is the potty training.  I am so glad we have all tile and hardwood floors because everything I have read about how it is difficult to potty train a Yorkie seems to be true.  I think we are mostly to blame for this and need to be more vigilant with her.

When she does fall asleep next to me or Dave or on our laps on the couch at night I remember that the puppy stage will be gone someday (hopefully!).

So is it worth it you ask?  Yes!  She has brought joy, fun and love into our home.  She has wiggled her way into our hearts and we love her.  Of course we love all our animals and now she is a part of that!


Newest Family Edition

February 20, 2010

We got a new addition to our family yesterday. Her name is Gypsy and she is a 6 week old Yorkshire Terrier. We are probably crazy I know, since we already have three cats (2 inside) and two big dogs. But look at these pictures and tell me how we could say no! Is this not the sweetest, cutest thing? And she is all that too – cute, sweet, playful, cuddly. The only problem is that she is so small that you worry about hurting or stepping on her!

The kids think it is awesome of course. The maniacal cats can’t decide if she is some sort of larger rodent or what! They look at her with “what eez this thing. What eez it and why eez it here. No one askez our opeenion.” Tucker, the German Shorthair, is like “puppies….I am not the sort of dog that has patience for puppies” and he walks away and won’t even look at her. Chance, the slobbery big black lab (who thinks HE is the lap dog of the family) just licks her and looks at Dave and you can tell he is thinking “cool, cute puppy. Can we play now huh, huh? I’ll go get my ball. C’mon Dad. Huh Huh?” And Dave? Wow, who would have thought my manly man would have been so sucked in by this cute little ball of fluff! The kids are calling him a puppy hog! She is probably going to be a spoiled girl indeed!

So that is the start of our new puppy adventures! I’m not looking forward so much to all the potty training and all that, and it was a somewhat sleepless night with the little sweetie in the kennel for the 1st time and her crying off and on. But, look at that cute little face! You would do a lot for that cute little face and a little snuggle or two from her, right?!

Yeah I know, I’ve been completely taken in too!