Is is really Christmas time?

December 20, 2008

Ok – today is December 20th and 5 days away from Christmas. We have snow. I’ve been listening to Christmas music. Watched Polar Express and a couple other Christmas movies. We’ve had some Christmas goodies delivered. We’ve got a few presents under the tree. The house is decorated (thanks to my kids who pretty much did it all). My shopping is done except for a couple of little things I need to pick up at Walmart. But here’s my problem… I’m just not feeling it! I’m starting to wonder if something’s wrong with me. I’m feeling like that song “Where Are You Christmas” by Faith Hill. This time of year usually sneaks up on me, but this year it really has. I hope my Christmas spirit kicks into gear in the next couple of days. Right now I’m just feeling kind of blah I guess. I was reading a couple of blogs and seeing what other families are doing. Don’t ask me what the heck we’ve been doing, but it seems like we haven’t been home for like two weeks and I feel exhausted. We haven’t done any warm cozy homey things really, other than decorate the tree.

Every year just before Christmas we have a “special dinner”. We cook something yummy and eat on my special dishes by candlelight and talk about the real meaning of Christmas. I had an idea this year of celebrating Jesus’s birthday with a cake and “presents”. The idea about the presents is to not give an actual present but something you would give to the Savior like reading your scriptures daily, do an act of service for someone, or something like that. We’ll try that this year at our dinner Sunday night and see how it turns out. Hopefully Christmas will come to me then! I’ll let you know how our dinner turns out.

How about the rest of you? Anything you do to help get yourself in the Christmas spirit?

Here’s a picture of our tree and Dave out working on shoveling the snow. It was pretty today, but cold.