A Week In The Life

April 19, 2010

I have followed along and looked at doing this last time Ali Edwards talked about her “Week In the Life” project on her blog, but this time I am going to do it and try and post stuff on my blog about it.  I will hopefully make a scrapbook at some point.  Anyone want to join me?  Even if you start late or don’t do the whole thing it is no big deal!  I am starting tomorrow morning and going through next Sunday.  I think this would be a good thing to do anytime!  We have different “everyday life” depending on the season.

I think doing this kind of project is awesome because if you are like me you mostly take pictures and scrapbook (if that is your thing) just the events in our lives like Birthdays, vacations, holidays etc.  I have tried to incorporate more every day stuff as I have started taking more pictures because I think it’s important to document just the normal things we do as well as the special things.

Anyway here is a link to Ali’s Blog (click here) (and here).  It tells what she is doing, but you can pretty much do whatever you want I think.  I haven’t really decided exactly what kind of album set up I will do, but I will be thinking about it this week.  I’ve been really excited about the digital/hybrid scrapping I’ve been doing so I may go buy Ali’s templates from Designer Digitals and just follow her example.  We’ll see!  Who knows, maybe I’ll get busy this week with other things and just end up with the pictures and stories I put on my blog, and you know what?  That will be just fine too!



September 30, 2009

Some thoughts today, because it’s rainy and I’m feeling thoughtful.

Feeling fall nesting coming on.  It’s conference weekend and I’m wanting to clean and organize the house from the summer mania.  Put up fall decorations.  Plan for the Stoddard Family Halloween Feast.  Wanting to bake yummy warm tasty things to eat.  Bread, zucchini bread, cookies.  Mmmm.  Also wanting to make and can the pizza sauce to use up all those tomatoes.  Make the Pechuga Over Rice recipe from the Mexican resteraunt in Cody we went to last month.  (Maybe I can talk Chef Dave into cooking it while I take Syd to piano lessons?).  Maybe turn the fireplace on and read a book on the couch.  But then there are also these things I’d like to do.

Go sage hen hunting with Dave.  Not because I necessary like to kill things, but because I love being out in the crisp fall air and walking and just being outside.  Seeing the soft sagey colors of the fall sagebrush and the red and orange leaves of the desert bushes and the dried wheat colored grasses. 

I’m in the mood to take photographs of the fall colors.  Maybe take a little hike or a walk and play with my camera.  I’d like to learn more about taking pictures like this (Pioneer Woman – Your Fall Bokeh).  Can I do that with my point and shoot? 

I’d like to sit and scrapbook.  I’ve been wanting to do a mini book of our bike trip.  Still need to do a book of our cruise from a couple of years ago.  Not to mention all the other thousand of photos I have to scrapbook and scan into the computer. 

There’s also the yard.  Which needs some grass.  I really need to see grass in the spring.  I’m tired of dirt and rocks.  Tired of a dirt and dust and weed yard.  I want to plant some bulbs and watch them come up in the spring.  That would make me happy. 

Cuddle on the couch with Dave and watch a good movie.  Get tired and dreamy and fall asleep on the couch next to him.  Sleep in on Sunday.  Mmmm.  That sounds good too.

Looks like I’ve got my weekend all planned doesn’t it?  I don’t know that all that will get accomplished…but I may see some of it. While I cringe a little at the thought of winter coming around the corner, part of me looks forward to it.  The peace and quiet of it.  The being at home comfy of it.  The time to do homey things.  Mostly I just love fall because it’s still in between.  It’s still decent enough to be outdoors, but it’s not the crazy coming and going and busyness of summer.  We aren’t trying to pack something into every second because our summers seem so short.  Now is the time to pull back from that a little bit and take a breath and slow down a little bit.  At least that’s how I’d like it to be.  Sometimes it still seems a bit crazy, probably because I let it get that way.  But it is different.  It is at least a little slower and softer.  So, here’s to fall and my favorite months of the year!

Scrapbook Class

November 29, 2008

The other thing I was doing the last couple of weeks was take a free on-line scrapbooking class.  It was awesome for a free class!  First we made this book.img_2093  I couldn’t believe all the content for the book was free!  Well, except for the cost of the ink to print everything.  I came away with a book with probably over 50 pages.  It was really more than just a regular scrapbooking class.  It was about telling your stories of you and your family.  The printouts were all pages of “sparks” or journal prompts to help you tell things.  It’s the whole pick a story and tell it and then find a picture or something to go with it.  Not your traditional find a picture and then tell the story.  This is definately more of a family history approach to scrapping.  It was awesome.  Some of the assignments were to sit down and read the questions and spark ideas about your stories.  I thought about things that hadn’t crossed my mind for a long time.  Jessica Sprague, who taught the class (www.http://www.jessicasprague.com/) encouraged everyone to really think about everything about the memory – where you were, what you were feeling, the smells, the sounds.  Then we had to write about it.  This is a book I will use for a long time and will hopefully make my scrapbooking hobby more meaningful.

Digital Scrapping

November 9, 2008

I have always wanted to try digital scrapbooking.  I got a nice new Canon Pixma printer on Saturday (early birthday present) and decided to play.  It makes really good photo prints, but I wonder how expensive.  I mean buying the photo paper ended up being 20 cents for per 4X6 not to mention the cost of the ink.  So unless I really need a photo for something I think I’ll stick with Snapfish and Shutterfly.  Anyway… I have had Photoshop Elements for awhile, but not really done anything with it.  I found a cool website with digital papers and elements and downloaded one of their free sample kits at www.shabbyprincess.com.  Way cute!  To make a long story short this is what I came up with.  I should have typed in the journal box but I’ll have to add that by hand this time. 


I am looking forward to playing some more.  I don’t know that I’d ever go total digital ’cause it’s kinda flat and I feel like I need some dimension and texture.  I may do pages that are a little of both. 

I am taking a free on-line class this week called Stories In Hand by Jessica Sprague at www.jessicasprague.com.  I’ll probably post some of the stuff we do.  We are creating an 6X6 album as part of the project.  If you’re interested you can join the class until Monday at midnight.

Don’t ya just love free stuff!

More scrapbook pages

September 10, 2008

I started scrapbooking one night last week and ended up getting several pages done over the weekend.  Yeah!  I was kind of on a roll and relaxed and had a lot of fun.  I have have read several books lately about scrapbooking, and they have really changed how I think about doing it.  The books are “Big Picture Scrapbooking” and “Photo Freedom” by Stacy Julian and the Clean and Simple Scrapbooking books by Cathy Zielske.  They both talk about not worrying about being caught up and doing everything chronologically which I was getting bored with.  They are all about scrapbooking want you like to and want to and not worrying about the rest.  Stacy Julian has a system that is divided up with a basic people, places, things, and family stuff.  Anyway, without boring you with more details, let’s just say it was really nice to just do some pages about what I wanted and not worry about finishing up my 2007 book or other years.  I’m totally converted and in the process of changing my albums and everything. 

Anyway, here’s a slideshow of the most recent pages.

My 1st Mini-Scrapbook

August 29, 2008

Earlier this summer I finished a mini scrapbook for Dave which was supposed to be for Valentines, but ended up being for Father’s Day.  I have been scrapbooking for awhile now and really getting bored with just doing 12X12 albums which were mostly the same events over and over.  I needed something different, so got inspired (I’ve been reading a lot of scrapbooking magazines lately) to do a mini book.  It’s not tiny mini, but is 8X8.  I am so cheap I didn’t really want to go out and spend a lot of money on chipboard and stuff, and I couldn’t really find what I wanted anyway.  I ended up using the thin cardboard backing from my packs of 12X12 paper and cutting them down to size.  I used these for the front and back covers.  

Here is the front. 

Not a very original title, but it’ll do.  I but some buttons on the front and metal clips.  I punched holes in all the paper and used 2 rings to hold it together.  I didn’t want it to look feminine since it was for my hubby, so I tied the rings with twine, some brown and tan ribbon, and strips of denim from an old pair of jeans.  (Told you I was cheap!)

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