More stuff and Thanksgiving

November 29, 2008

What else… well Sydnie got her cast off finally and she was so happy!  The cast was really gross and stinky and she had a ton of dead skin to get off her arm. 

We also had a great Thanksgiving with my mom and dad and John and Lexie and their boys.  No pictures!  With all the cooking I was doing and trying to have everything ready I completely forgot to take any pictures.  This was the first time we’ve had Thanksgiving at our house, since we’ve never had a big enough house before!  It was nice and really relaxing – well at least after the food was all cooked.  I made a 20 pound Turkey and even made homemade stuffing – no Stovetop! 

The rest of the weeked has been spent doing not much of anything.  I’ve been scanning in some of Mom Stoddard’s pictures and a bunch of stuff of my own, making a Christmas photo card because I didn’t like the templates on any of the photo sites, and listening to Dave play the guitar and singing along.  I didn’t even get dressed on Friday until like 4:00!  Now I’m just trying not to freak out because it’s going to be December and I haven’t really done anything to prepare for Christmas.  One of these years I’m going to actually be as organized as I have dreams of being!